Confidence Booster - Overcoming Self-Doubt

How to create a strong mindset shift to feel more inspired and empowered.

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There are times when we doubt ourselves, when we have a set back, a failure or we compare ourselves to other's success. We might ask ourselves

"Am I Good Enough?"

"Am I Smart Enough?"

If we allow self doubt to take hold, we'll eat away at our confidence, hold back on our ideas or dreams and then we'll be left with dread or disappointment.

I'm very good at putting myself in that position. I think many women are good at putting themselves in that position.

Even though I assist women to boost their confidence and motivation, to overcome self-doubt, to feel empowered and inspired into action, I had a recent experience where I questioned my own abilities. Watch the video below where I share with you how I was required to overcome my own self-sabotage and self-doubt.

I want to empower you, to inspire you into motivation.

Once you are crystal clear about your life's purpose, you'll find it much easier to make decision.

We'll come up with a range of affirmations and statements. These aren't statements that someone else has thought up, these are designed around who YOU are, what is intrinsic to your spirit and personality.

This becomes your sales pitch to sell YOU back to you. As you write them, say them, read them, you should feel a great sense of pride.

Once you have completed the exercises in this course, you'll be equipped with an armory, a magic box, a resource that you can pull out whenever you need.

If you feel disheartened, defeated by criticism, allow these statements to refuel your spirit.

Here's what's covered in the course.


We're going to tap into your creative subconscious, to create strong, robust visions of your ideal life. Not just pretty pictures on a vision board, but sensations of breathing, feeling, tasting, touching as you have lived the moment before it happens.

Unlocking your hidden values

Your core beliefs are the foundation for who you are. The things we value most are what drives us each day. Quite often we have carried our core beliefs with us since childhood, it's the foundation for who we truly are. Through these activities, we'll uncover what your core beliefs are to find out what fuels your motivation, creating a strong foundational belief about our true identity.

Creating laser focus on who you are, why you're here and where you're going

We can all think at a surface level about who we truly are, what are our goals and where we see ourselves going. Yet this process of questioning allows you to dig deep, to conceptualise the ideas or feelings you have in your gut (gut instinct) so that you can easily verbalise "This is who I am and this is where I am going".

What Other's See in You.

Following the steps in this questioning style worksheet, you will come up with positive statements around your worth, your value. In fact, some of the elements in this exercise are a great preparation for putting together a resume when you need to clearly articulate the value you provide to others.


Once you have worked through the exercises, you will be clear, beyond any shadow of doubt, of who you truly are, your core beliefs, your value, your purpose in life and the path you will take. Now, decisions making should come just a little easier, but to help you along the way, this exercise will demonstrate a tool that you can use regularly to assist the decision making process.

Your Instructor

Barbara Clifford
Barbara Clifford

Barbara Clifford has spent over 20 years working in time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing. She has always had a passion to create order out of chaos. Having worked in creative and service based industries, Barbara has a remarkable ability to understand and work with diverse personality styles and finds an organisational rhythm that suits her clients. Friends, colleagues, employers and clients always look to Barbara as the beacon in a sea of chaos to provide professional clarity and to simply GET THINGS ORGANISED!

Barbara assists professional business people to find clarity in their working environment, control of their time and alleviate any associated stress. By creating stronger work flow & time management systems, Barbara gives smaller businesses the flexibility and confidence to grow. She provides professional development and increases productivity for the team. The innovative solutions she provides, gives CEO’s, Directors and Senior Management the mental & physical breathing space to focus on their priorities.

Barbara is able to achieve rapid change in people’s work environment by applying a unique style of professional organising. This allows businesses to better manage their client base, reduce loss of business, improve productivity and sustain their focus on their business plan. Her simple business system brings total alignment between vision and service delivery.

Barbara’s professional experience has included contracts with small business, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Aged Care and Health Services.

Course Curriculum

  The Power of Visualisation
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  Ideal Life
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  Core Beliefs
Available in days
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  Purpose Vision Mision
Available in days
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  Shine Bright Like a Diamond - What other's see in you.
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  Making Decisions
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  Personal Coaching
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